Grimbergen Robot Crane Range


Below you will find more information about our robot cranes, the variety of modular possibilities and the product specifications.

Main Beam 3MT
– GRC-P300 10M LT10
– GRC-P300 16M LT10
– GRC-P300 22M LT10

– GRC-P300 10M LT30
– GRC-P300 16M LT30
– GRC-P300 22M LT30

Main Beam 6MT
– GRC-P600 16M LT30
– GRC-P600 22M LT30

Main Beam 9MT
– GRC-P900 22M LT30

*Beam includes 1 Lifting Trolley as described , LT10 or LT30.
*Other dimensions or weights can be offered on request
*Lay out for half or full gantry crane possible.

Additional Lifting Trolley
– GRC-LT10 ( 1MT )
– GRC-LT30 ( 3MT )

Full Automation, Intelligent system:
o Selecting the most efficient path.
o Cooperation of multiple lifting trolleys depending on length of profiles.
o Considering centre of gravity in cassettes.


Flat Magnet
– 1x500Kg
– 1x 1000Kg
– 2x 500Kg ( on fixed spreader Beam, Independent control )
– 3x 1000Kg ( on fixed spreader beam, Independent control )
– 6x 500Kg ( on fixed spreader beam, Independent control )
– Pipe Magnet
– Flat / Pipe combination Magnet



180° Pivoting system

Grimbergen is known for its tailor made machinery and specialised logistic/handling solutions within various Heavy Industries.
At Grimbergen we can provide any solution for tools or layout on request on top of this standard Robot Crane Line. This means we are always willing to attend to your enquiry for special projects.